Woolly thoughts

My job has thoroughly taught me that I do not want a management career, nor do I want to work in corporate business. Seriously. However, I have been listening to Dr Lee’s fabulous lecture series on the Anglo-Saxons on my iPod–now that is exciting. The Wanderer, The Ruin, Dream of the Rood, Beowulf… I can’t wait to learn Old English! I’m glad I know Middle English already, and some German, so picking it up should be fair enough. I’ve begun making Lists to prepare for the move: of sweaters, what books I’ll bring, what books I’ll read before I leave, traveling, who else I need to contact regarding my medications (the biggest headache so far, besides the visa). I’m ready to be there, mentally, to see what I wish I could see so I could Plan for how to live there. Only 47 more days. In the meantime, this South Texan is trying to prepare for a year-long winter.