Music Post: TGN

I’ve figured out how to zip files and upload them, so now I can share playlists. 🙂 Here’s perhaps my most successful playlist (even Kali likes most of the songs), “To Govern the Night.” It was my NaNoWriMo ’07 inspiration mix. It’s still my favorite; even if technically that book doesn’t quite exist in that form anymore, it still captures the atmosphere of the Alliance/Elite war.

Click to Download: To Govern the Night

1. World – Five for Fighting
2. Outerspace – Evan & Jaron
3. Revolution – The Beatles
4. Free – Donavan Frankenreiter
5. Wreck of the Day – Anna Nalick
6. Lost Cause – Beck
7. The Nearness of You – Norah Jones
8. Gone Away – Offspring
9. Acetate – Speechwriters LLC
10. The General – Dispatch
11. Wiseman – James Blunt
12. Galaxies – Laura Veirs
13. Life Less Ordinary – Carbon Leaf
14. Honey and the Moon – Joseph Arthur

5 thoughts on “Music Post: TGN

  1. singnoel says:

    I’m actually listening to this playlist right now, thanks to your little CD you made for me. 🙂 All these emails and such that I’m answering inspired me to listen to it and miss you, maybe, a little less.

    What’s the song on the Cords mix, #9, after “Stellar”? And who’s it by? Mine said it was Dido for some reason, but it’s some dude.


  2. Chera says:

    Silly Megano, yes, you must’ve mixed them up, because #9 on Cords is definitely Dido. 🙂

    Kelly: it’s coming. I was going to burn it onto a CD for you, but I can zip it and upload it here if you’d like instead. Also, can you think of any songs that reference 1st semester Civ? (i.e. “Face that launched 1000 ships” by Death Cab for Cutie)


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