Read, learn, accomplish

My mom put a box of old school papers in my room. I mean old, from elementary and middle school. I did a quick look-through to make sure there isn’t anything valuable (I’m still in search of the Europa project. Jenn, do you have a copy somewhere…?). I pulled out two folders out of curiosity, “Fourth Grade Memories” and “Fifth Grade Memories.” Apparently my favorite subject in 4th grade was math “because you solve problems” and my least favorite was reading “because I can’t pay attention.” Hah!

What really interests me is my coat of arms that I made in 5th grade. My favorite color is still blue (though I favor green sometimes too). The three personality traits I wrote are: “Free, because I can make my own decisions,” “Peace, because I like to have peace around me,” and “Read, because I like reading.” I had an independent and harmony streak already, it seems. And the motto on my shield was: Read, learn, accomplish — “because I think these are important.” …I was 10, and my motto was Read, learn, accomplish?? Wow little Chera, you were precocious.