A Phone Call

“Hello, my name is Angela and I’m calling from the British Consulate regarding your appeal for your student visa. Everything is fine and I am happy to go ahead and issue your visa.”

Hip hip hooray! Huzzah! Oh my. This comes with amazing timing because I was already prioritizing Plans B-G in order of time sensitivity, since I wasn’t expecting to hear back from the Consulate so quickly, not until September, and I was preparing for the worst. In my mind I was already moving to Dallas (Plan F): I was looking at apartments online, job hunting, and planning to apply to UTA, UTD, UNT, UD, and SMU for the spring semester. So, it’s sort of weird, and amazing, that Scotland, is real.

Edited 25/07/08:
…and an email. I got the British Council Scotland USA Graduate Scholarship. For real? For real. Oh my.