Long road south

Two rules one should keep in mind while driving long distances (particularly in reference to police cars):

1. Do not slow down when you see that a cop has pulled someone over. This is pointless; he’s already caught someone, so he’s not going to come after you. Keep moving.

2. When you see a cop car not so preoccupied, do not put on your brakes to slow down. Instead, lift your foot from the gas, or, if you are using cruise control, hit cancel. Friction will slow you down just as effectively, and more naturally, than using the brake, and you won’t flash your brake lights as a tell-tale sign that you were speeding.

I crossed the Oklahoma/Texas border yesterday just as the sun set. It was a cloudless evening, a brilliant red fireball falling through a smooth gradient of color, igniting the Red River into molten fire, and then it was gone. I gave one last glance at Oklahoma in my rearview mirror and said good-bye. Everyone I care about from there has left, so I don’t know if and when I shall return, but I will say that something about the Oklahoma plains has seeped into my bones, so maybe someday I might.

Twas a busy weekend, to be expected, and the wedding was lovely, and, for five of us, it was awesome, but that is a story for another day. *wry grin* This post is just to say, yes, it went wonderfully, I am back in San Antonio, and I am well. Over the past 7 days, I have driven 22 hours (at least two every day), so I am tired of driving. Allowed for plenty of time to think, and put into consciousness realities about my personal philosophy that may or may not find their way here, but I am eager to write them in my journal. I’m also pleased because I’m reading again. I had to return Name of the Rose to Kelly, despite having not finished it, but she gave me Tamsin by Peter Beagle (who also wrote The Last Unicorn). It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had a book excite my imagination and pull on me to read it, so this truly is a pleasure.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Philip and Kelly Ledbetter! (As I said, more later. I’m going back to reading Tamsin now. Kelly’s in Portland, so she won’t care if a book trumps her for the moment. ;))

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