Back in Shawnee! For a few days. It’s really funny how excited I am to be back when for my entire time at OBU I couldn’t wait to leave. I stayed overnight in Arlington with Rani. So much fun, staying up until 2 AM just catching up and being DATA nerds. DATA totally turned us into internet junkies; we are corrupted.

Every time I drive through Moore I think of “O” words, because once when I drove through there the person with me said there weren’t many words that began with “O.” Only, or, ostentatious, oxen, ornery, oak, order, odious, ogre…

It was great to put in Laura’s Circus Runaway mix and just drive. It’s always one of the first CDs I put in on road trips. Funny, too,  how music brings back different memories… my first NaNoWriMo, driving from DATA to my internship at Marketecture, driving past the airport on my way to SAC for summer classes, the first time I moved to OBU.

I’m here at the house before Kelly. She warned me that the house is empty, transitory, and it is. But it’s still These Four Walls–the black and white tiled bathroom, the maroon living room, the two-roomed kitchen. I’m waiting for her, sitting on the green futon with my feet propped up on the coffee table. Just like normal. Even the boxes stacked up under the clock are normal, since the last month in Shawnee, my boxes were there. Now Kelly’s. Labeled things like “Books E-H,” “Books to Donate,” “Marvelous Books,” “Excellent Books,” and “THROW AWAY.”