Leaving everything behind

I was going to journal tonight, but instead I talked to Laura. It was a much better alternative. [<9!] We talked about books and debated over the lyrics of “Another White Dash” by Butterfly Boucher. She quoted to me a paragraph from the book she’s reading, A Field Guide to Getting Lost, by Rebecca Solnit:

The mystic Simone Weil wrote to a friend on another continent, “Let us love this distance, which is thoroughly woven with friendship, since those who do not love each other are not separated.” For Weil, love is the atmosphere that fills and colors the distance between herself and her friend. Even when that friend arrives on the doorstep, something remains impossibly remote: when you step forward to embrace them your arms are wrapped in mystery, around the unknowable, around which that cannot be possessed. The far seeps in even to the nearest. After all we hardly know our own depths.

…so I absolutely must read it, because that is simply fascinating. You cannot miss someone unless you have loved them. We also talked about dehoarding, and how this summer we’re both doing quite a bit of it, and making progress. It’s good. It’s amazing the things you can throw away when you realize they just don’t matter anymore.

There is something exciting
about leaving everything behind
There is something deep and pulling
leaving everything behind
Something about having everything
you think you’ll ever need
sitting in the seat next to you

“Another White Dash”