In lieu of serious Thoughts

Wow. I just finished a full 40-hour work week. This isn’t necessarily a new thing: I worked 40 (or more, some weeks) hour weeks the past year, but they weren’t all at the same job. In the same building. Corporate offices. Neh. I’m glad to have a job, but I’m also glad this isn’t my career. I’d like more variety.

What I like about Texas clouds is that they are big and fluffy and you can find all sorts of shapes in them. I’ve seen a turtle, snail, dove, and an elephant. The elephant made me smile because it reminded me of Horton from Horton Hears a Who. Hee. Then it disintegrated and I’m not sure what it was.

My parents and Alex are going to Buffalo, NY this Fourth of July without me. They’re taking Alex to see Niagara Falls. Hmph. I have a three-day weekend… so where should I go? Suggestions?

I had Serious Thoughts about my Bible reading this morning, but insomnia two nights in a row has so greatly diminished my coherency faculties that sharing such thoughts is not possible. Instead, because my parents had to use my credit card to buy their plane tickets (<insert confusion here>), they’re taking me out for Mexican food. Yay.