The first tomato from our organic garden.

No need for a scarecrow, we have a garden snake. Our garden has tomatoes, corn, ocra, watermelon, and black-eyed peas.

Jewely also keeps the birds away from the garden. My mom’s started calling her “Juju.” If you’ve read To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis, you’ll know how hilarious this is.

One of the cats Jewely allows to travel freely in her domain. She really does command quite a bit of important territory: our yard serves as a thoroughfare between the two sides of the neighborhood for humans and cats alike. The grass is worn down in some places not just from people, but from cats. This black kitty keeps wanting to be friendly, but then runs away whenever we get near.

2 thoughts on “Firstfruits

  1. Sarah says:

    Is that a REAL snake?? I hope not 😛

    Aww…Jewely is so pretty! and the little black kitty is cute 😀 I think your garden is quite grand…I’d like to have one someday…


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