Shameless plugs

To my wonderful readers, faithful and few, check out these posts by fellow bloggers. They’ve been quiet for a while… are they making a comeback? I hope so!

Oh yes, you did laugh! – by Anna at deepsoil

“But we Americans, we’re not very good at waiting for things, so if we want asparagus in January, then we’ll run to the supermarket and get some, never mind that it’s been shipped from who knows where with who knows how much gasoline involved. We want to have it our way, right now, and if we can’t get it one way, we’ll get it another.

Sort of reminds me of Sarah in Genesis, not long before our Old Testament reading today…”

Responsibilities – by Danielle at Modern-day Mystic

“After giving her my opinion in as much gracious love as possible she responded with, ‘but you can’t help who you love.’ To be honest I was blown away by such a ridiculous statement. In one of the most important matters of life it seems my generation is content to abdicate all responsibility, trusting to fate or a whim or who knows what else.”