A drop in the ocean

UN classifies rape as a ‘war tactic’

Huzzah! It’s a step in the right direction. I don’t even know how many petitions and letters over the past… well over a year, I’ve signed to get that passed.

A difference in perspective: on our way home from dinner, I was driving so we were listening to NPR, and the announcer was highlighting various news stories. After one about gas prices and the current state of the U.S. economy, my mom said, “Well that’s annoying.” Meanwhile, I was inwardly seething that the present administration, which has so verbally committed itself to the promotion of democracy, seemed to be doing little to promote democracy in Zimbabwe, when Mugabe is clearly going against the democratic process by vowing that the opposition would not win the run-off, charging the opposition with treason, and already announcing that there would be “war” if the opposition did win. I held my tongue, for a variety of reasons. Maybe I shouldn’t have.

My copy of Utopia by Thomas More has a sunflower on it. I took it out to read a quote from it to Brittn and now it’s on my desk. I want to reread it… Such a good book.


I think I’m finally getting used to being back in South Texas. The fact that it’s going to get to 101 F, that there’s 80% humidity despite that it hasn’t rained for weeks and probably isn’t going to rain anytime soon, is becoming normal again. Stunningly blue skies. Sunsets like fireballs and huge full moons suspended on invisible strings. There’s a park/land reserve near our house. Walking through the scrubby desert landscape felt like releasing a long sigh. Knee-high grasses, rocks underfoot, live oak trees that don’t get taller than the phone lines, cacti, cacti, and more cacti. And sunflowers everywhere! That’s my favorite part. I used to consider South Texas ugly, but now that it is familiar, it is welcome. I’ll miss the birds of Oklahoma, but there are deer here, and I can identify most of the wildflowers by name.

New job this week: getting used to working near-full time again. 8:30-5:30, I hit rush hour traffic both ways. Corporate offices are one of the most bizarre things we humans have come up with, I think.

Choir rehearsal was last night. The librarian was glad to hand me my new folder, and apparently she had gotten it mixed up and was telling people I was going to Oxford for my masters. Oops. Well, it’ll get ironed out eventually. Not a big deal. I’m already planning on skipping the July 6 service because it’ll be “Patriotic Sunday.” I could barely sing “America the Beautiful” in rehearsal, I know I won’t be able to sing it for real. Though oddly enough I had great fun going through the military anthems: “and the caissons go rolling along!” and “Anchors aweigh my boys” and “Off we go, into the wild blue yonder!” and “From the halls of Montezuma to the hills of Tripoli…” I have no problem at all singing praises to an entity that deserves it (i.e. God), but I’ve studied U.S. history, I’m not a fan of manifest destiny, and we’re fallible nation like any other. The military songs are about going off and being brave and honorable–I can support that, but “alabaster cities gleam”? Come on!

Anyways, off to finish getting ready for work.