A non-PhD alternative…

In the process of discussing what Kali should do to determine what she could do after grad school (because both of us are realizing that we might not want to spend our entire lives in academia after all!), we decided that it would be really, really cool if someday we started an NGO of some sort. This idea for a possible future is exciting. It would utilize my talents because, as has been pointed out to me often the past few weeks, and because Kali and I came to this conclusion, my forte is remembering. If I worked with administration or management, I would be able to remember that old lady who called two weeks ago who said X and though it didn’t seem important at the time it’s pertinent now. Or I would remember that so-and-so put down that piece of paper (that turned out to be an important form) on the table next to the plate of day-old cookies, and on the back they had written the phone number to this other place that we need to call. And I can write just about anything. I can write letters or edit proposals, etc. Basically, if it has to do with words or details, I can do it. With or without Kali, I would love this.

Circumstances have allowed me to go to Scotland and Spain for masters’ degrees in medieval literature and American & English literature, but I think I’m going to those places more to keep my eyes open for what other opportunities may come my way.

3 thoughts on “A non-PhD alternative…

  1. Kelly says:

    Wait…just occurred to me…I had assumed your post was about starting a school (in Europe?), but it wasn’t, was it? Anyway. Heh. Sleeping on the [short] couch not good for Kelly’s brain.

    Anyway, I have a light work week this week, so I’ll be writing / available.


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