The old visa excuse

I’m behind on JuNoWriMo (the June version of NaNoWriMo, little known due to being invented by moi, but Kelly and Laura are participating). Kelly chided me, but today I’ve been distracted by loan and visa applications, answering questions like:

“In times of either peace or war have you‚ ever been involved in‚ or suspected of involvement in‚ war crimes‚ crimes against humanity or genocide?”

“Have you engaged in any other activities that might indicate that you may not be considered a person of good character?”

And explaining how and why I got an unconditional offer of a place at the University. I think everyone is relieved to know that I answered “no” to both of those questions, and “no” to suspected terrorist involvement (with a slight jibe from my Republican parents for voting Democratic), though I would wonder at the intelligence of anyone who would answer affirmatively to any of those questions. Apparently, I also need a biometric visa for the UK. Talk about a technological world.