Around the sun

A year ago I had just graduated from college and started a job at Starbucks. Now I’ve seen my friends graduate from college and I’ve finished a job at an art museum and a university. In that year I edited a novel, wrote half of another before realizing it was wrong and I’d need to rewrite it; wrote a decent short story; read over 70 books, all of Shakespeare’s comedies and a good chunk of the histories; watched at least 70 movies and countless Star Trek episodes; began learning Latin; helped with the play Sleeping Beauty; worked three jobs; planned/curated a medieval exhibit; experimented with cooking; traveled to TX, NM, CO, AL, SC, and PA; applied to and was rejected by 6 PhD programs, accepted into three Masters programs, accepted the offers of two of them; cultivated six very precious relationships. The past year has been busier than I thought!

Last year I worked at Starbucks on my birthday; this year I packed most of my earthly belongings into the back of a van and said good-bye to the Cooks as they moved away. But, I also had lunch with my dad and spent the rest of the day with one of my favorite people, with phone calls from others, which in the end made it a very good birthday indeed.

3 thoughts on “Around the sun

  1. Kelly says:

    It is a melancholy truth that time goes on. *glum*

    This past year in the little red house has probably–no, almost certainly–been the best one I’ve ever had.


  2. Lydia says:

    Happy belated birthday! Wow, it really is amazing all that you can do in the course of a year. I love looking back and comparing where I was a year ago to where I am today… but it only makes me that much more curious as to where I’ll be a year from now.


  3. Chera says:

    Kelly: Me too, though sometimes it didn’t feel like it (when the stagnation of Shawnee threatened to invade our sanctuary). Remember the quote from Garden State about family? A group of people missing an imaginary place. That’s us.

    Lydia: Thanks! Me too. I mean, a year from now I’m going to be in Scotland beginning work on my masters thesis. And between now and then I’m moving back to SA and moving to Scotland. How crazy is that?


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