Around the sun

A year ago I had just graduated from college and started a job at Starbucks. Now I’ve seen my friends graduate from college and I’ve finished a job at an art museum and a university. In that year I edited a novel, wrote half of another before realizing it was wrong and I’d need to rewrite it; wrote a decent short story; read over 70 books, all of Shakespeare’s comedies and a good chunk of the histories; watched at least 70 movies and countless Star Trek episodes; began learning Latin; helped with the play Sleeping Beauty; worked three jobs; planned/curated a medieval exhibit; experimented with cooking; traveled to TX, NM, CO, AL, SC, and PA; applied to and was rejected by 6 PhD programs, accepted into three Masters programs, accepted the offers of two of them; cultivated six very precious relationships. The past year has been busier than I thought!

Last year I worked at Starbucks on my birthday; this year I packed most of my earthly belongings into the back of a van and said good-bye to the Cooks as they moved away. But, I also had lunch with my dad and spent the rest of the day with one of my favorite people, with phone calls from others, which in the end made it a very good birthday indeed.