Spinning about

I’ve realized my last few posts have had more visual substance than written. I’m mostly in denial that I should be packing up my home and preparing to leave. The next stage of my life is finally here and I’m surprised to find that there’s something I want to hold onto here. This space, these four walls of the Red House, my dear, dear friends here, I am reluctant to leave. But, I suppose it is a good thing for me to leave: as a true vagabond, I should not be attached to the things of this life.

The past few days have whirled and spun about. Honesty really is a powerful thing, and I’m learning to temper my stubbornness with love. Or, trying to.

Why are American/Western Christians so afraid of suffering? I remember the early Christians and the saints of old, and wonder when it was we surrendered to fear. I have spend the past several years in the shelter of my Christian brethren and am about to be thrown out into the world again, and just in the nick of time, too, before the blade becomes too dull to be of use.

7 thoughts on “Spinning about

  1. Danielle says:

    I think we are afraid of suffering because we haven’t had to do it for so long. Human nature does not embrace suffering….we weren’t created for pain. The only thing that makes pain redeemed is if God is glorified as a result. Comfortable Christianity has been one of the most damaging witnesses to our faith.

    I don’t think people should go out seeking suffering and martydom (Origen – i think- strongly counseled against it)…but we should at least be open to the possibility.

    Sadly this is a convo better suited to TC with you and Joel, not a comment box. When do you leave OKC cause I’ll be visiting my grandparents this weekend, and when do you leave for St. Andrews? Basically will I see you before you’re gone for two years????


  2. Chera says:

    Aww, TC (or Subway) with Joel = fond memories. I agree, we shouldn’t go looking for suffering, but I definitely think we should rejoice in it. But we are too fond of being comfortable and safe.

    I return to SA next week (June 4th) and leave for St Andrews mid-September. You better see me sometime, missy. It may be that the next time I return is summer 2010 for summer-classes in St Louis, MO. Wow. That’s a sobering thought.


  3. Danielle says:

    Would you be able to come up to Bartlesville (bout 2 hour drive), because the whole family will be there so I probably won’t be able to take the car and four + hours to come see you, esp since it’s a family reunion and probably the last time I’ll see gpa. But there is no way I’ll make it back to Texas before you leave.


  4. Danielle says:

    Love can be stubborn…and if done for the right reasons it can be a good thing. The same is true of honesty. They are all powerful, it’s a matter how how they are used.

    There I’ve responded to each of your paragraphs.


  5. Glenn says:

    Oh, the misery that is packing. Definitely not fun!

    I can’t say with any degree of certainty, because I haven’t studied it exhaustively, but I would guess that the fear of suffering evidenced by American Christians dates to the mid-20th century. It strikes me that it was after WW II that Western societies began their mad scramble to avoid anything that smacked of pain, unpleasantness, or privation.

    Of course, in this mad scramble, we somehow all forgot that we’re not supposed to conform to the culture at large. 😦


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