An ordinary day

And then there were two.

Yesterday we took Kali to Clare’s, who would take her to the airport this morning. It’s just me and Kelly now. It makes me sad.

The people from the Museum of the Red River came today to pick up one of our mummies, and several newspapers also came to cover the event. I welcomed the reporters and took pictures of the goings-on: opening the crate to see the sarcophagus, lifting the sarcophagus to see the mummy, answering questions, carrying the crate out to the hearse parked out front. It was all very exciting. Apparently transporting the mummy by hearse was the cheapest way for the other museum to do so, not because of any human remains regulations in Oklahoma. We have a joke that I’m moving to Scotland to escape the mummy’s curse. I have a good job here. I’m going to miss the museum.

When I came home, Philip was there with Anastasia, Kelly & Philip’s new ferret. She is absolutely adorable and bendy and inquisitive. They will be moving to McKinney, which won’t be too far from San Antonio. I hope to visit them at least once before I leave the country.

I will be glad when Joel and the Cooks return from TX, even if it will be only for a week.