Old Friends and Bookends

I began today with a surprise visit from Sarah: my roommate at Oxford, my travel-companion around Europe, my comrade-in-writing through our senior year, Super America to my Captain Teamwork (as with all best friends, inside jokes abound). I continued the day with an informal presentation by Kali on waterborne pathogens and something to do with microbial ecology (I got to draw pictures with crayons) and Star Trek: Generations with Kelly and her fiancé. And I ended the day with Trivial Pursuit and Scattergories with the the science nerds and the two or three of us who kind of tag along, during which we determined that none of us know anything about pop culture and paid homage to the Splenda Gods, who are apparently more reliable than the ever-trusted coin toss.

Friendship is laughter. If there is anything I am going to be nostalgic about from this town it is going to be the living room of the Little Red House, and the home we created there.