An Invitation to be Beautiful

“This is grace: an invitation to be beautiful.”
-“Add to the Beauty,” by Sara Groves.

I don’t like to double-post, but I spent roughly two hours walking around the campus barefoot this evening. I haven’t felt so incredibly myself in quite some time. To walk along the stone fences with a rose in one hand and my flip-flops in the other, listening to Sara Groves’s Add to the Beauty. I climbed a tree. I watched the sunset. I saw God in the shades of living green.

3 thoughts on “An Invitation to be Beautiful

  1. randall butisingh says:

    What a beautiful experience. One day as I was on my way to work, I espied a lone wild white flower among a sea of green grass. I love wild flowers, so I stopped to enjoy the beautiful spectacle. I cannot tell how long I spent gazing at it because on that occasion Time stood still. I had a peep into eternity. Another day I was worling in my kitchen garden and I had this experience: Read it in my poem:


    Yesterday im my little kitchen garden
    I worked among the weeds
    Pulling them up from among
    The edible lettuce seeds.

    Then while my nimble, soil-stained hands
    From the rich, loose earth did pull,
    Two tiny wild flowers stared at me
    Bell-shaped and beautiful.

    Entranced, my plucking I stopped, and gazed
    At those lovely blossom’s glow;
    Then out of thanks for my delight,
    I left them there to blow. .


  2. randall butisingh says:

    Thanks for your response Chera. We are all kindred spirits, made in the image of God, identical as the waves are to the oocean, but caught up in the illusion that we are separate,we fail to realize this truth. All mankind is one, ibut we will only see that unity when true Love descends. Then there are no islands when the illusion that water gives disappears. There is only one land.


  3. randall butisingh says:

    Here is another of my inspired poems: It was one of my best days when I experienced the wonderful transforming power of Love.

    My heart sings today!
    Brightly glows the spark within.
    clearing my vision
    and lighting dim recesses of my soul.
    I see radiance behind the dark clouds,
    Beauty in the wrinkled face,
    Angelic charm in the smile of the child.
    God’s image in my neighbour.
    I feel His breath with every breeze that blows
    and nectar drink from every stream that flows,
    And my heart sings!
    For Love touched me when He passed by.


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